Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member to order?

Yes, you must subscribe & create an account to have access to our Store and Special Buys section. Membership options are good for one year. Click on Subscribe for more info. 21 day Trial Memberships are also available through our Annual Membership.

Where are the pickup locations?

We currently offer pickup in the following locations: Berkley- Vitrine Gallery Bakery 2752 Coolidge Hwy, Berkley, MI 48072 Contact: Erin Brick Grosse Pointe Park- Alter & Jefferson Contact: Amy Louise Kaltz Commerce Twp- Pontiac Trail/Welch Contact Karina Frasier Clarkston- Clintonville & Waldon Contact: Alison Purdy Rochester-South Blvd/Crooks Contact: Kristy Holsapple

Detroit-Boston Edison: Contact Danielle Ramona Perczyk *Lake Orion- Squirrel & Silverbell Contact: Lauren Kovacs Field *Novi & Troy also available. *Available based on contact manager's availibility that week.

When is pickup?

Pickup is every Wednesday in Berkley from 2-6pm. Other locations will be available at various times depending on that porch managers availability. Feel free to reach out for specifics Follow us in our fb group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/570164073188554/ or reach out via email at info@mdcrunchycoop.com.

When are orders due?

Food orders are currently due every Friday morning at 10am for pickup the following Wednesday. The online store is always open, so orders can be placed anytime before Friday as well. Frontier will be ordered monthly and currently is taking about 10 days to arrive. Please click on the 'Calendar' tab for order and pickup dates.

What is Frontier?

Frontier has some amazing products whether you are a member or not, but the savings by using the club's wholesale membership with free shipping can't be beat! Enjoy anywhere from 10-50% off of retail prices on amazing items like spices, Green Sprouts, Pura, Biokleen, Aura Cacia, Simply Organic, Alba, Earth Mama Angel Baby, seriously the list can go on and on! Home, Kitchen, Kids....all things natural and organic! Anyone can join Frontier on their own, but ordering with the club can save you on some steep shipping costs. To order Frontier with us sign up as a member and check out the Frontier tab for more info. We order monthly for pickup with your food orders.

What are Special Buys?

Now this is worth every penny of your membership right here! We have found some amazing wholesale accounts for the Co-op to share in. Graham’s Organic Beef -Graham’s is located in Michigan, and has some amazing beef to share. They make their own non-GMO feed for winter months on property, and their cows are grass-fed start to finish. They sell by the quarter, but we will also offer packages so you can dabble before you go big. Enjoy WHOLESALE pricing on organic beef (bringing you down to around $6.20/lb!) Jake’s Country Meats -Also located in MI, the pasture raised pork is the best we have ever tasted. Jake’s will travel directly to us (in Berkley) every other month with deeply discounted bundles and 15% off retail items.

ENZO Olive Oil -Legit 100% Organic Olive Oil cold-pressed in California. Some amazing infused flavors and well as light, medium, & bold. ENZO also offers balsamics, almond butter, and other sundries. We run this buy every few months. The gallons are a steal at $0.47/oz. Fresh Michigan Asparagus -Every year we get Jim’s Asparagus fresh for the picking. Get some amazing asparagus 2.5lb bags for $8. Goes through the season. Local Honey, Maple Syrup -Throughout the year, we will utilize our sources to bring our members the freshest and most local we can find. Wholesale costs, of course. Holiday Briskets, Hams, Turkeys -Often times we will utilize a local farm to raise us specific animals for our Holidays. We have done turkey and hams in the past, and open to trying more! Wholesale costs, of course. Additional Farmers -Last year we obtained a new relationship with a female farmer (we say that since it’s super bad-ass) in Traverse City. She has been managing turkeys, pigs, and lamb. We have brought her into the club to do various wholesale buys, and we hope to see much more of her farm’s product! There’s more? -We are always on the hunt for something amazing. Whimsical Candy, a small batch supplier out of Chicago was a great find we like to utilize at the Holidays. Local artisans, like Potter Street, Neu Kombucha, and always looking for more! CSA Another bonus of being a MDC Co-Op member is signing up with our CSA’s. We currently utilize three. City Commons for Grosse Pointe Park & surrounding area Tollgate Farm for Berkley & surrounding area Upland Hills for Clakston & surrounding area

What is Country Life?

Country Life is Michigan's best source for natural & organic grains, nuts, dried fruits, seeds, beans, cereals, granolas & so much more! Metro Detroit Crunchy Co-op offers delivery to your pick up location of choice for this particular purchase. Enjoy wholesale pricing on every order with a low $5 club fee for sorting & delivery to your pick-up location. www.clnf.org

Where do you source your items from?

Our beef will come direct from Graham's Organics, unless otherwise notated. If Graham's cannot fulfill an order, we will use Pure Pasture's stock as secondary source. Chicken comes direct from Pure Pastures, who utilizes several local farms for sourcing. You can check them out here http://www.purepasturesmi.com/our-farms Pork will come from Jake's Country Meats. Eggs currently come from either Garno, Old Home Place, or Creswick Farms. Farm to Freezer is a Michigan company located in Eastern Market who supplies us with frozen vegetables from around the state. Our produce comes from several sources, and we use local as often as we can. GEM (collection of farms across the state), Revolution Farms, Cherry Capitol (Michigan based distributor of Michigan and Great Lakes produce) and supplemental Organic produce comes from Maceri & Sons.

What payment methods are accepted?

MDCC's online store accepts all credit cards for payment. Special Buys will be invoiced either thorough Square, Venmo, or PayPal. There will be an additional 3% charge on invoices. For questions regarding this, please reach out to the specific Buy Manager who is running the "Special Buy" We do not accept checks or cash.

What is your return policy?

Many of our items are based on weights, therefore you may have a variance once your items have arrived. You will only be charged for the EXACT weight of your products. Any variance will be returned to the card in which you made your purchase with within 48 hours. If you have an overage, we will email you an invoice. We do not accept returns.

When are refunds processed?

Refunds are processed within 72 hours of you receiving your order. We refund using the payment method you paid with. It often takes a few days for refunds to process. If after a week you are still not seeing your refund please reach out.

What is your pickup policy?

Pickups are every Wednedsay. For an additional $5 delivery fee, your items may be picked up from Commerce, Clarkston, Troy or Grosse Pointe Park. Rochester, Lake Orion, Detroit, and Novi are also options based on member availability. All items that are not picked up by 6pm in Berkley & 9pm in other locations will not be the responsibility of MDCC, LLC unless prior arrangements have been made. Orders will come in a cooler bag with a cooler pack as needed. MDCC, llc will not be responsible for freezing or thawing due to outside temperature. Please email info@mdcrunchycoop.com for addresses of pickup locations.

What is Metro Detroit Crunchy Co-op?

Together as a group of buyers, we use the capital we raise together to purchase items in bulk, which in turn leads to lower prices. We source local & organic products whenever possible.

What is MDC Co-op’s purpose?

Aside from reducing costs for its members, we focus on specific items that we either eat or use in our household that are organic, all-natural, preservative-free, sustainable for the environment and focus on healthy living.

What purpose does the online store serve?

To supply our members with quality groceries weekly. With our combined purchases, we are able to source organic & natural foods at a cheaper price to put on our tables each week.

How much of a mark-up does the store have?

No more than 35% from wholesale.

Why is there a mark-up?

Several reasons. Some items have delivery fees involved, some items we purchased more than what we need and store them for future savings-which can cost rent whether they are taking up space or electricity in a freezer. Also, this overhead makes it possible to pay our weekly employees, rent, and other overhead.

What types of items are in the online store?

You will find organic fresh and frozen produce at prices lower than grocery stores. We have literally THE BEST chicken in the state of Michigan, which comes so fresh-it will keep for 10 days in your fridge. Our chicken & egg supplier brings us their items with NO delivery fee, which helps keep costs down. We supply raw organic cheese from Rosewood in Ann Arbor. Fresh bread? Yes, please. Although not organic, we carry Bread, by Crispelli’s amazing artisanal assortment of breads & buns. We have a seafood supplier that supplies the fanciest of sushi and seafood restaurants in all of Michigan, bringing you costs well below any retail grocery store. We also offer Jake’s Country Meats & Graham’s Organic Beef at the cheapest price you’ll find in retail. With our capital-we are able to effectively get pork and beef at wholesale pricing. That means your organic ground beef is $8/lb. And so is your filet mignon. No one can beat that! We will also add additional items to the store as we see fit, or as demand requests. Items in the past have been BeesWrap, Enzo Olive Oil, YumBox, & much more.

Why is there a $5 shipping fee to my order?

If you are picking up outside of Berkley this fee goes directly to the "porch manager" picking up your food in Berkley and getting it to your chosen city for pickup.

Why does my invoice have items that change?

When we purchase items like chicken or beef, each item may have a difference price-yet are charged a certain per pound amount. We estimate how much we think the {ie: 3lb chicken thighs} bag may be, and once it arrives into your bag, you only get charged the exact amount for the item you’ve purchased.

Why am I short items?

Human error is always a possibility, but generally, our supplier shorted us. You will never be charged for anything you do not receive. We do our best to update our Facebook Group on the weekly pick up post with up to date info on items we know aren't coming in. If we know we didn't order something because only 1/12 of a case were ordered by members than we also share that info on the weekly Extras post ahead of time. You will always be refunded for items you didn't receive and it should be reflected on the packing sheet you receive with your order but if there is a discrepency don't hesitate to reach out to info@mdcrunchycoop.com.

When do I get my refund?

Refunds are processed back onto the card you used at the check out within 72 hours of pick up day. Your bank may take longer to process the refund.

What happens to the profit the online store makes?

MDC Co-op pays rent, receiving, packing and shipping costs. There are also the costs of bags to keep from meat cross-contaminations, cooler bags and ice packs. There is a Marketing Director & Customer Service as well as a Director of Operations salaries ($15,600 each; which equates to $10-$15/hour). MDC Co-op also employs a CPA for accounting and taxes. We also have to pay those who ready your order every Wednesday by packing it up. All profits after overhead is reached is divided up equally amongst all members in July each year.

What time can I pick up my order?

Options are listed on the checkout page. For exact times from locations outside of Berkely please reach out to your porch manager or info@mdcrunchycoop.com for info.

How does MDC Co-op communicate to its members?

Once you subscribe, you will be on our mailing list. We also have a very active Facebook group with up to date information. You can also subscribe to our auto-text program.

So what if you don’t want to make a weekly order, what else is there?

Being a member means you have access to our other programs that we have. Frontier, Country Life & Special Buys. We also have many extras available each week listed in our Facebook group that you will be able to purchase on an as needed availability basis.

When does Frontier come in?

Each Porch Manager will let you know when Frontier has been delivered and is available for pick up. We are running Frontier once a month, due on the second Friday morning of each month.

Where will I pick up my Frontier?

On your designated local Porch manager's porch.

Why is there a fee to purchase Frontier?

Whoever it it that processes, receives, sorts & ultimately delivers the products takes a small fee to do so. There are currently two members handling Frontier.

Why is there a fee for Country Life?

Just like with Frontier, there are no profits made for the club to order these items. Whoever is designated to organize, order, receive, sort & ultimately deliver (usually hundreds of pounds!) the product deserves compensation for their time. This/these person(s) will always be a member of the club.

What is a CSA?

A CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, is a system where members buy shares in the growing season. During the season, members are given a weekly supply of fresh, seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs. We utilize a few different farms in the local area, and they each differ in many ways! Each CSA will be picked up, sorted and delivered to a porch near you.

Do Special Buys have any fees?

Yes. The point of the Special Buys is to bring our members WHOLESALE pricing. Someone still has to manage the advertisement, order collection, ordering, receiving, sorting and delivering. Fees will always be nominal and reflective of the work. All fees go directly to whomever runs the Special Buy. It will always be a member running a buy.

Can I run a Special Buy?

Yes! All Special Buys must be board approved, follow the Co-op’s guidelines for a “Buy” and be of interest to the Co-op.